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Friday, December 10, 2004

taiwan taiwan n taiwan! miss taiwan! miss ming lunG!

Taiwan Immersion Programme Report


It was indeed a great pleasure for me to be living with my host’s family. When I first entered the house, I could dearly feel the comfort from them. As compared to the houses in Singapore, the living space there is considered small and what interest me the most is that there was only one single toilet for the whole family to use. However, the constraint of the size of the house was overcome by the generosity and the warmth of the family members.

Day 2
The family brought me to Wu Lai ,one of the tourist attraction, to visit its waterfall. Although it’s a long and tedious trip, I managed to find some common topics on the car to make the ride more interesting. The waterfall was huge and you would never get to see it in Singapore. It was said that the anions there is good for the health, hence I tried to take more deep breaths. The air present was very fresh. Overall, the trip was enjoyable as I not only get to feel the cold air but also to see such a magnificent sight. However, the toilet was very dirty and that hindered me from entering it. After the trip, the parents brought me and my buddy to some sight-seeing which includes zhong zhen memorial hall, the presidential palace, Taipei main station. Besides we got to see some rallies which was very interesting. In the evening, my buddy brought me to shi lin night market which was quite near her house. I bought lots of cheap stuffs and I got to taste some of the nice food there.

Day 3
I went with Kaiyang to meet some nan gang people for some shopping in 中孝复新. It was nice as I was able to know the Taiwan and Singapore students from other schools. As my host’s house number was incorrect on the info. Booklet, I was not able to contact her to bring me home from the mrt station, hence, I managed to scramble through the area and reached home safe and sound. I considered this an achievement as I really didn’t know the way home when I decided to go home myself.

Day 4
I went with kaiyang and his buddy’s mother to Taipei main station. Eric’s mother was really nice and she showed us to the food street. Also, she tried her very best to introduce us to that place though I think she seldom visited that area. I dearly appreciate her kind gesture. She got us this black pepper roasted bun which was very tasty. I also found out that the area is filled with tuition classes.

Day 5
Xi Men Ding: heard the rumours about the place being dangerous with triads.
However my visit there was a smooth and nice one. Actually, I had planned to explore that place with Kaiyang only, but, we manage to meet up with Yunhui and the rest of the nan gang people, so we ended up shopping with them. It was a wonderful time as I got to see a lot more of the Singapore students. It was as though the whole xi men ding belongs to us as you get to say hi everywhere. We also saw the teachers there! Singapore gathering!

Day 6
The parents brought me to one good shopping centre (新光三越) to have dinner at the food court there. I felt that the prices of the food are exorbitant as compared to the food courts in Singapore. I felt apologetic too as they got me a soft toy which I like.

Day 7
I met up with yunhui and nangang pals with kaiyang to 101. It was tall and magnificent. However, the shops there are too good for us to shop in. We went to the book store and spent most of our time there and I got 3 books which was nice to read.

Day 8
My buddy’s mother brought me to her company which was quite big to meet her friends. The atmosphere was kinda weird as I do not know anybody there. They went to eat lunch in a nice western restaurant and went to one of her friend’s house too. I try to keep myself entertained by playing with the young kids and showed them some magic which I had equipped myself from TJ’s enrichment course. They were very amazed by all the tricks that I have done.

Day 9
I went out with some of the TJ-cians as well as some students from chian kuo school and we went to jin gua shi. It was a far ride from Taipei shi. We had to take train and then the bus. The scenery there was breath-taking. It is actually a mountain and they also had a small museum there. We climbed one of the short mountains and took lots of photos there. Although my buddy was not with me, the trip was still very much enjoyable and well entertained by the chian kuo students. They brought us around well I should say. After that we went to jiu fen to shop. SHOPPING HEAVEN! There was lots of things that could be bought there and I got a lot of things, which includes food, souvenirs etc. Then we went to ji long to have our dinner. It was a fun and fulfilling day!

Day 10
I went to shilin after the school trip. Lilian, Kaiyang and I walked from yuanshan station to jiantan station. It was adventurous I would say and we had to walk along a highway of where we witnessed a motorcycle accident. Kinda scary but was alright though as we managed to reach the place safely.

Day 11
Went shilin again!

Day 12
Rao He Jie: another night market similar to shilin
Wu fen pu: A place where they sell a lot of clothes but do not really suit our age
Went this 2 places with my buddy her classmate and yunhui. I got separated from my buddy somehow. As she do not possess a mobile phone, we could not contact each other. Fortunately, she managed to find me through the PA system. I can still remember the lost report: LIANG SHU FANG XIAO JIE, LIANG SHU FANG XIAO JIE, QING DAO MIAO KOU LAI. At first felt a little embarrassed but was happy to meet my buddy back.

Day 13
My buddy, Kaiyang, Eric and his classmates and I went to take the ferris wheel. The ride was short but memorable.

Day 14
It was supposedly a typhoon day. I went to dan shui with my buddy and her classmates. The whole street was empty. I got lots of nice food back.

Day 15
Typhoon day! The wind was very strong and was howling since morning. I had a good sleep. Went out with my buddy at night to Taipei main station as she was having tuition there. I attended the tuition class. The whole class consist of 100+ people and I thought that this was amazing. We will never have such tuition classes in Singapore.

This 15 days spent in her house was very great. I got to know a lot about the interesting fact on Taipei such as the escalator rule and I feel that the people had a high self discipline. You will be able to see them queuing up in an orderly manner anywhere such as the bus, the mrt etc. They also tend to recycle materials. However, they do not have enough rubbish bins I suppose. I missed the homestay as I was already accustomed to the bed and the style of living.


I love Ming Lun High School!!!! We got treated very well there. The lessons planned were very interesting. The pottery lessons, Chinese engraving, Chinese painting made me interested in Chinese arts. The martial arts lessons taught us how to protect ourselves when we face troubles. Although many of us succumb to the temptation of sleeping, I really feel that most of the lessons were interesting. The teachers in the schools treated us very well, for example, they will buy sweets for us to inculcate into their teaching of the subject to make the time more enjoyable. Also, during PE lesson, the teacher bought drinks for us to quest our thirst. Besides, they had also specially planned their lessons for us, for example, the history lessons, the physics lessons, the min-nan language lessons, the cooking lessons, the geography lessons, Chinese poem lessons, the pottery lessons, the new technology lessons, the Chinese painting lessons, the engraving lessons, the martial arts lessons etc. At the beginning when I first saw the timetable, I was a little disappointed as we had little outings as compared to the other schools, but after attending all these lessons, my perception took a 180 degrees change. I really feel that the school and the teacher took painstaking effort to make our stay there enjoyable and meaningful. I think that they treated us like precious guest. A few incidents will prove this. First of all, before the Home Economics lesson, of which we were thought to whip up some dishes, they specially go to the extent of getting all the new cooking utensils, new bottle of oil, new can of salt and msg and a lot of other new things. They also called the students to clean up the whole room for our usage. Not only that, in the midst of our lessons, teachers will come into the room to take photos of us. What impressed me the most was that the HODs and the principal too came down and joined us for the cooking. During this time, I really felt very touched. Secondly, was the basketball lesson. We were all given new, clean basketball each when the other students are actually getting old balls to played with. They also put up some nice hip-hop music to spice up the atmosphere.

We also got to attend their class lessons. As I was the only Singapore student in the class, I felt weird. However, the friendliness that I received from the classmates made me feel better in the class. I realize that their English lesson was equivalent to our primary standard while their Chinese lesson was equivalent to our Chinese Literature. They even have computer lessons which we Singapore do not have. I was touched by the Maths teacher as she not only made me feel welcome by giving me one of their maths text book but also use some of the time for me to introduce Singapore to the rest of the classmates. I think that the students are really great as they will take initiative to talk to you unlike Singapore students. Their CCA is also very different from us. They take up the particular club more for relaxation and they only have 1 period each week. They do not really place importance in it.

We had 2 days of outing to the other part of Taipei, including farm visit, temple visit, shopping and also karaoke. The outings were fun as it not only bonded us as a group of Singapore students but we also got to know a lot about the sculptures and farms. I really feel that the 10 days in school was one of the best time I had in Taiwan. The teachers, principal treated us too well. They tried to fulfill all of our request and purposely made a name card for us so that the 校官will recognize us and will not catch us for our wrong-doings. All the small little things that they had done for us will be deeply engraved in my memory. Ming Lung Rocks!


The trip to tai chung and yunlin was quite fun but at the same time some part of it was not to our liking. The earthquake visitation was good as it allows us to actually see what had happened during 921 and will also understand the plight of the people there. The janhusan rides were also very good as it was what we teenagers like. However, I think that 3 hours is not really sufficient. The temple visit was quite boring in the sense that we did not really enjoy it as most part of it are just plain walking. The gu gong visit should be cancelled as I feel that we are just there to listen to the Buddhist teachings. They were too much videos for us to watch and I think most of us fell asleep. However, I still appreciate all the efforts to plan this trip for us.

Other Comments

I really enjoyed the 18 days spend there as I met a lot of good friends and I really want to say a Big Thank You to all the people that had made it so enjoyable!

was really touched to see hafiz aqil royston and ivan at changi airportT!!!! thanks loads ppl~~ was so excited to see zirui in jian tan~ its so coincidental... mi n yunhui was actualli going to ask the counter fer her room when suddenli we saw her at the phone booth...and i screamT! so farnie!! SHE united!
19 days in taiwan ended really soon.. feel super empty now..there's sumthing missing kind... minglung a rocking school with nice peeps...
翁主任,xu pei qi 老師, gao si ting 老師, ming lung principal, the nice nice 教官, alot alot of ming lung teachers, lilian, choon hwee, bekky, see hwei, xin yu, shimmie, weishan, yida, kaiyang, ming jian, ding xiang, jun jing, simeon, ze han, weizong, xiang huan, KELLY, ya ping, si ting, ah tu, gina, yu shan, yuting, chuan kai, yi le, Eric, bo yu, 207 clAssmates etc.....thankS for the wonderful moments in ming lunGGgg!!! missing it terribli.. the times we sleep during lessons, the time we eat bian dang together, the time we were at the trip to farm and temple, the karaoke times.....the schhooolll........thanks eberibodi for all the nice momentTss!
and alot of other taiwan imersion peepz...the jiu fen, jin gua shi, ji lung trip...thanks to the jian guo ppl who had brought us along...
thanks the parents fer treating mi so well... and kelly's family tooo!!!
miss taiwan! miss minglung! miss the 18 days there... missing eberithing!! hope to see all of you again!


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