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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

i'm in taiwan!!

yea it had been a long time since i long blooged... i having computer lessons now~ so chen ji cum here to bloG! wahah! had been enjoying myself this few days shoppIng sHoppinG n shopping as well aS exploRinG taipei on my own coz my buddy has to study iin school eberidae yeap~ quite adventuroUs and fun dun reallie mind actualli~ had cooking lesson juz now~ cooked fried oyster and hmmm..some soup which resembles shark fins and make cocktails.. and KNOW wad! i cut my hand and i actualli teared...its so embarassinG!!!! its kinda pain...n i'm afriad of pain~ xin yu helped moi to stop the bleeding and the teacher help mi to apply lotion~ haha...kaiyang n choonhwee also injured themselvEs... haha the cooking was very fun~ and the sense of achievement was great~~ we took some posed foToss~ cool cool! there's this guy cai yi le...haha sumthing likdat arhz... who got drunk~!! haha....coz we were mixing some alcohols and he actualli drank farnie...made the whole klass laugh out~ hmmm..morning also had maths lesson and the teacher gave mi a maths book i tried to learn it...quite fun~~ haha.. i love maths...but dey realie taught quite diff. stuff...sum is onli taught in fmaths no wonder they say ppl in taiwan is good in maths~ hahA i got the book and i'm going to master it~ dis morning was so farnie...the klass got a cockroach in a cup and wanted to scare this guy who was sitting next to moi...n the gers went i shld saE! hee that's all i gonna sae bout todae..

yesterdae nite i went xi men ding..was actuali planning to go with kaiyang coz both our buddies wanna study.... den we realise lilian is going too... so we tag along with her...den at the mrt station... *boom* the nan gang ppl appeared which includes yunhui and grace and minxin~~~ cool riteee!! we din't planned to meeT! haha...den we went with dem coz tink we are closer to yunhui as lilian was going with her rj frenZ hee.... so we juz go eat sum noodles and got lotsa chilliSss! haha...a while later *boom* some jian zhong sg tw exchange students in the same stall wahahha n we took some photos with each other... after that went shopping with minxin and co. haha..juz shop arnd but din't get anithing..went to take neo prinTsss! haha..with a whole lots of ppl.... and sum which i juz got to know cooll.. after that we went to walk arnd... and *boom* saw e bei yi peepZ!! omost the whole tj peepz are there!!!! except gina and the yang ming peepz! soooooo coool! n we took a grp fotooo!! vvvvvv nicEee! i missed dem~~n we went to continue to walk~~ n...haha...the whole bunch of vj peepS...its like down the lane we met soooo many ppl` n it looks as if we own the lane...knowing all the peeps... i tink more den half the peeps are there...then..when we are abt to go home.... haha! we saw the teachers!! all e teachers are rite...small n unintended gatherinG! woohoo! ok...hmmm...the morning lessons were cool too...engraving chinese painting pottery and learn the min nan yu~~
hmm..lemme give a brief discription on other daes.... sundae her parents brought mi out...we went to see waterfall~~! soo nice k! i wrote in my dairy le...we ate in the 'wild' crab porridge... den went shi lin too..n buy lotsa stuff... a S$2.50 jacket a s$5 baG 4 for S$0.50 comb and lotsa cheap stuff...nicenicEE! that's sunday~ monday i went with yunhui n gina to zhong xiao fu have some shoppIng....was fun too.... tuesdae~morning gone to the government house the ma ying jiu's place but he went indonesia so we din't get to see him...onli see his general secretary and the education ministeR? haha...the place was cool though the place where the ministers have their meeting...and the place where all the funny fightings went on...nice nice nice...evening... went with kaiyang's buddy mother n him to taipei che zhan to shop... haha..he told mi to go along so he wunt feel weird..hahA... bought lotsa nice stuffs...cDs...and i bought pig badges fer our piggy clique...haha...i'm so nice rite=x hahA! n go to the stationary shop! i gonna go there again!! sureli!! hahA! ok! that's all fer my bloG! i'm enjoying myself though i'm vvvvv tireDdddd!! i love love love this trip...i know lotsa nice nice peoplEee! frm all the 5 jcs.. and minglun studentssssss!! todae i'm going with her parents to it!! hahahaha! hope i will enjoy myself..but seriousli i have bought lotsa lotsa things!! yeAAaaaaaaa!! tw immersion rockS!


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