All of the moments...

Friday, September 10, 2004

FreAking ChinEse exAm!

until now, i'm still ultra angry with myself, fer editing my tian xie han zi anS....i shld have believed on my first intuition, why i go changgEeee!! hAixxx.. if i had not changed.. i could have gotten full marks...wAd the waD thE! i'm so stupid.. ok....enough of grumbling... actualli the whole test was rather alrite... i wrote a 3.5 page long of zuowen.. which was crappinG all the way kind... the compre...was sickening... the summary too! the words were sooooo small! n i sit at the back...lights not vv gd...made my eyes vvvv pain! i omost put up my hand to request for a paper with bigger words *stupid rite?* hopefully i can get an A1.. but i reallie doubt so... no confidence... eberi1 seems to b able to do well.... haiX haIx...... *hope*

k...i slpt 3 hours juz now...coz was so tired... i was in a reallie giddy state juz now... i lie on the bed n in less den 1 sec... i was in my dreamland le.... b4 tt went to eat lunch with fiz,roys n ivan... n roys treated us pizzA! hee...thanks boss!

lata mabbe needa go down to da gu's funeral... hmm... abit tired all the way to bukit gombak.. but is a must... coz da gu last time reallie treated us vvvv well... yea... i was quite saddened by the news tt she passed away the day before.. she was reallie healthy like few years back... until aging starts to act on her... hmmm..its reallie sad.. last time we used to go to her place quite often and without fail, she will buy loads of kueh n stuff for us to eat... den she will give us money go the supermarket to buy things tt we want... i still remember last time she always bring us to the kidsports to play... then everytime she visits my place to pray... she will buy lotsa tidbits for us... she's a nice gu gu... n i agree with my mother tt she is one of our closest gugu... Not to mention, she was also a great sister to her brothers which includes my father... everytime she brew tonics.. sure will call my father go de... remember the 1st time i saw the change in her was two yrs ago de chinese new year... she seem to bcum vvvv thin... reallie changed ... n she bcame vv weak.... i was totalli stunned... she used to b the rather plumb lady n was vvvv fit de... she always put a smile on her face whenever we see her... yarz.... although she stays vv far... my parents dese few days will go down to her funeral everynite... yea... she reallie deserves our respect... actualli to think of it.. it might be better for her to go away... since she's suffering much oso with all the disease... i remember i last saw her a few mths ago.. not vv long.. my parents were saying that we must go see her.. coz my gu zhang went to the fortune teller n was saying my da gu was waiting to see all her siblings b4 she enters another world and my father was the last... yea.. n when we go visit her... the whole place was in a mess... it made people reallie feel sad... i dunno how to describe the feeling... juz vv sad... actualli she did mentioned to her family that she is leaving... yea..the day b4 she passed away... she was kinda waiting fer her time... n the last time that she felt vv happi was when her whole family gathered to celebrate her only grandson's bdae.. yar.. she din't reallie enjoy her old age which is kinda saddening too.... hope she will have a good time in the nether world... hmmm... yea... k lar.... it gonna be never ending if i continue on... but i will always remember my da gu... the kind soul who always lend her help to everyone she could and cares so much for her family....

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

a not too good day~

hmm..todae's not a gd day... morning i received a sms frm my cousin that my da gu.... my father's elder sister passed away this morning... was rather saddened by the news.. yar.. but perhaps its gd fer her to enjoy her life there *perHaps* yea...fLashes of past memories came into my mind.. yeah..she was a healthy lady few years back and always treating us with tidbits everytime she visited us and will joke with us.. and whenever we visit her, she will always buy some delicacies for us and bring us to the KIdsports to play... great time we used to had in bukit batok... shared sum of these memories with my cousin earliar on... this perhaps made me think of what aging can do to a person.. Its juz a few years... and really.. its a huge difference.. My da gu used to be rather plumb...or should i say ...FU QI...yeash.. but as years go buy... she reallie bcum vvvvv thin.. i dunno how to describe... but juz the change in her make me very shang gan... she's a nice nice lady... looking at her foto juz now reallie reminds me of the old time.. yea.... hope she will rest in peace... she actualli told my uncle n her son that she gonna leave le yesterdae afternoon.... and think she will bless her whole family in the nether world..

today also went out to study with roys yunhui dey all.. yea... i couldn't really concentrate at ferst coz keep thinking of my auntie sumhow.. mabbe myself to blame... juz couldn't focus... but lata was quite alrite... if say i'm not affected at all, its fake arhz... i realise that as we grow older, the way we think is more different n what i am going tru' nw...yeashz.. hmm..i muz study hard le!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Promos approaching... like less than 4 weeks time... we will be having our promotional examination.. Everyone is like preparing hard for it... me have too also~ yeA...this is a chance for people to get the s-papers that they wanna take.. hmm.. for me? no point tinking le... since i had already dropped my fmaths... seriousli...if i say i nv regret is fake de... coz i reallie regretted alot... yea..i have alot of time to study 3 subs now... BUT! i could have worked abit harder... why did i chose to gif up so earli.... why did i wan myself to have a good relaxing time when putting myself to this challenge will make mi grow~ CannoT! cannot think le... drop means drop le... know what.. i have actualli tot of retaining 1 take 4 sub..but this is stupid... n dun worry, i'll never ever do that. Haha.. no point thinking of it le... what's done is done! Now is a great time for me to excel in the subject that i have been left with!! I not going to slack! i going to do well...yeA...really do well!

Aim for PromoS!
Maths C...A! a high A if possible...i know i'm dreaming.. but i'm sure its within my reach!
Chemistry...C! yeA.. slowli hope it will progress to an A! *hOpE*
PhySics... E/D! I not going to let this sub be my hindrance... i believe i can do it!!

yea...i sounds so diff. frm JCT... remember jct..i aim all O/E... i don't want that kind of grade le! i want to be the one that excels in studiEsss.. Its a matter of mental strength... i don't think i want to juz scrape tru' i want flying colours... the grades that i had once attained in seconday school.. i don't see the difference.. if i had done it... i can do it now too! point elaborating on eberithing le... its time to get down to sum real mugging! NOT mugging! but StuDyinG smArt! yEaaa! Though no more 8 distinctions to tink about.... but... there's still other great things that i am able to achieve! 5 more days to sch reopen! i gonna do alot alot alot thingS! *promise* no more sleeping like a piG! no more daydreaminG! what's left undone is still left undone! Friday gonna be chinese promos! i wan an A1! a good A1! i don't care! i want it i want it!! K...enough of nonsense..let's get down to studying now! bubbye!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Nice time i had

yeap...yesterdae was teachers' day celebration.. and i had a wonderful time meeting up with my sec sch mates..

went to sch earli to help distribute the prezies which i had wrapped and wrote the day b4... the day b4...was indeed a ultra tiring day and was not a happy day i supposed. I ponned GP lesson to wrap the presents...was alot arhz..but manage to wrap it quite fast with the help of jansen, so was ok... hmm.. den in the evening was the tchers' day celebration rehersal.. i was the runner for the event and my job was to call the performers to go up to the hall... n there's only 3 grps of performers so the job was rather slack... meanwhile i wrote 120+ cards arh..write until my hand was super aching... but cannot complain... n i was feeling very giddy the whole night..coz din't eat anithing since the morning.. so stoned fer quite a while.. tt nite wasn't happi at all... alot of the tchers' day comm. ppl went home arhz... but i knew i can't... n left many of the national day comm ppl to help out with the moving of chair n decoration.. n ya..they complained... and sorta ranted at mi... feel damn sick bout it... yar..i stayed for eberi minutes and seconds.. n the others went home..n i'm the 1 to get all the angriness from the ppl... tt definitely spoiled my day... working hard fer nth.. but i juz cannot complain to anibodi.. so juz keep eberithing to myself and feeling unhappi the whole while.. hmm..after tt..was unhappi oso bcoz of sum other things...nobodi to b blamed..but myself... coz i tink i tink too much le larhz..

haix...but yesterdae definitely brighten up the day again..

i did not went to the phy n chem lecture... n was in the freaking cold recital room fer the whole morning.. yeap... it was really cold n i was shivering.. at ferst really vv bored manz... den crap with izzat aqil yazid the f9... so was ok larhz... meanwhile oso help to draw up the cards fer scta...abit rush arhz..dey nv buy i juz make lorz..since i nth to do oso... the whole while the things i need to do was to juz kall the performance to go up the stage.. i tink the whole show went on quite well... though there was lil audience..but who cares arhz.. n the performances oso abit lil.. canot blame arhz..coz nobodi signed up.. unlike in sec sch.. ppl participated so as to get outstanding klass award.. actualli i got no feelings fer the concert.. haha.. juz knew have to finish the sovenirs fer tcherst tts all... aniwae the tchers comment fer the whole concert was rather ya..shld b happi larh...the teachers oso very sporting which had definitely help spice up the whole atmosphere... after that was the refreshments part...wished a few tchers happi teachers dae... chen lao shi..n ms panai...din't ask me fer my hw...n ms panai was like telling mi to take care coz i look vv tired? haha... abit touched arhz.. coz i actualli ponned her lesson the day b4... n owed her 2 essayz... wad a rubbish student she has man...

after tt...rush back to ahs!! yea! i miss ahs reallie loads..i miss the building the teachers and of coz the frennnnzZ! i really love ahs arhz!! when i saw my frenz...was really nice feeling manxzx... i got a present frm jas daph n jos..thanks dearsss... but..hmm..i'll nv wear the bikini..coz i vv conservative de..haha! loitered arnd there fer sumtime... n i din't see ani tcher at all... well done rite? but i finalli got my o level cert! hee.. after tt went kenny rogers with jas n daph.. we ate a very nice n feeling meal n crap about loads of things... really a great catching up session.. then daph saw my neoprint n realise tt zq was her 1wk klassmate in vj... so coincident arhz.. we complained bout our pws, hws, sch too... haha... nice feeling... then after tt went home..b4 we meet up fer our ktv!! hehe... so coincidentli ivan kalled mi to go ktv... but i still said i wanted to go with jas daph n est..hee..

after tt met up with jas n est to go to the party world fer e ktv session... we started off with sum lame songs..had fun singing.. den shortli after.. ivan kalled mi.. say the three of dem wanna join us fer ktv.... haha... i said ok arhz..hmm..but was reallie afraid tt jas n est wun b tt happi...n scared they wunt clique..but it turn out quite alright.. haha at ferst can see tt jas cannot stand zr's lameness... haha...i alreadi xi guan was ok... haha..den daph joined in oso... so 7 person in a rm...but we said we got 4 ppl onli... heng the waitor nv sae anithing....*hengS* if not we have to pay more... sang alot alot alot alot of songs... n 4 hours was fast man....b4 we knew has alreadi passed... i love singing...... though my voice kinda sucks.. but tt session definiteli helped to relieve my stresss... zr scared the gers with his ziyue again.... haha.. n the waitor was totalli stunned arhz..can see fer his face... the last song we sang was yong qi!!! yeashhh.. love tt... we sang real loudli... n nice the feeling was so gdd! yea... n it ended vv well!! since we onli ordered the rm fer 4 person... so we can pay lesss! heehee! $6 per pax...wasn't tt ex arhz... i reallie love ktv...hope can go the time i had with they all... hmmm... imagine your two diff. clique of great frens arnd together with ya... though they dunno each other... hmmm..i tot was great... but realie scared dey cannot blend well.. but afterall realise my worries were uncalled for... love my dears loads est daph n jas.. as well as the HIM...yea..u all brightened my life...

after that went to burger king fer supper... had a nice nice lame time oso...realie lame arhz..we played truth or dare...yea..the game which led mi to alot of unwanted troublesSss... haix..but was fun arhz..when we played dare or dare... the three of dem definiteli made us luff till mad... eberitime with dem... sureli luff like crazy 1...this time though with diff. peepz.... deir lameness still never dies down man.. tt's y i enjoyed being with dem...hee... ivan was so suay... dared so many times... but haha...was reallie farnie... he vv brave...haha..though he doesn't looks so... but he is sporting manz!! yea..well donee... i did a dare too.. haha.i dun care much hmm..jus do it arhz...heee...yea.....enjoyed tt time alot alot alot..... though feel vvvv awkward alot alot alot of times... thanks to ivan n zongrong huh!!

haix...really regret being truthful during the truth or dare session the other time... sianded .. sumtimes reallie made mi got nth to say... zq..i onli dui ni you abit abit hao gan onli manz.. n got no other yi si arhz... now rite...really dunno how to face him liaoz... all ivan n zr fault... see larhz... hopefully our frenship wunt end like this arh...coz really enjoyed all u all de company loads.. we really shares alot of wonderful memories... One clique...haiixx... nvm.. hope we can still tok like great frens as b4! i prefer eberi1 to b gdgd frenz... tt's more fun n enjoyable.... so... i will not like anibodi le... i promiseddd......yea... coz the feeling reallie not gd...... n i got no zhi ge... yeashhh.. bubbye fer now.... **hope history wunt repeat itself**